Posted by: stratolife | September 6, 2008

First status report..

Yesterday the PCBs that are responsible for stearing the whole electronic arrived. Now 4 of them want to be soldered. Almost all other boards are planned and need to be soldered, too. The one that should controll battery voltage already is, the one that should controll the pumps and the blower is currently in soldering process. I’m still waiting for the PCBs fot the 16 temperature sensors and I hope they will arrive today. However, the weekend will be full of tin.
Software for the main board is almost finished, only SDcard support and some small improvements are still missing. Other software e.g. for the voltage control is partly available. The ground controlling software is still in developement, too. It already does work but is not yet very comfortable….
So far so good for the first time… Now I have to take my soldering gun and go on working. Bye 😉


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