Posted by: stratolife | September 13, 2008

Try not to sleep…

After some hard days there is a good progress in electronic. After some small problems I finished and successfully tested the extension board. Further I soldered the board that should merge serial signals from both main boards with galvanic isolation and change levels to RS232 standard. Well, sending form main board worked without any problems but it did not receive any signal from the computer. Two times of improving the schematic and reconnecting conductors ended in successful operation.
Then I also finished programming the voltage detection software for the corresponding board. Thus we should be able to control battery voltage during the flight.
And the most important step: I finished the first final main board and a first test of almost all components has been positive. There should not be any mistake in board layout so I am able to solder the second one. And that’s exactly what im goin to do now… Oh, wait, first of all I will have my breakfast 😉


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