Posted by: stratolife | September 20, 2008

“Journey” to Operpfaffenhofen…

The last days Alex and I met each other. On tuesday I traveled down to his home and we started merging the boxes with the electronic. But because of having just a few hours we weren’t able to go forward that much.
The next day we drove to the DLR in Operpfaffenhofen to prepare our tests in the vacuum chamber.
It is always very interesting to visit the DLR, in the hall we worked in there was a small rocket exhibited for example and the REXUS teams tested and merged their experiments.
We had some troubles with our equipment and so it was already 10 o’clock when we quit the DLR to drive to a guesthouse where we stayed over night.
On Thursday we started our vacuum tests, with a bit less electronic than we hoped to be able to test. But because of not being able to program our main controller with our laptop the whole electronic was not able to work correctly… (For that reason we will order an usb-programmer for Kiruna to minimize such risks).

When we had finished test and packed in everythin we were shortly able to see the controll centers that were in the same building we were, for example the european columbus module of the ISS is controlled from there, very interesting! Late we drove back to Alex’ home, slept a bit less than we wanted and then I drove back home. Alex went along with me till Frankfurth where he wanted to meet a friend.
On friday evening I finally arrived at Hildesheim (including half an hour DB delay…).

Maybe some more detailed reports about the test will follow but now I have to go on working, PR will come later 😉


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